Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Detailing on a Dime!

Well, I'm excited! We just ordered our new bedroom furniture. After years of daydreaming of this moment, pinning every possibility, scheming the new floor layout and finally deciding on the specific pieces we thought would work best in our space, I am ready to tackle the details and get this show on the road! The big pieces arrive in February, so we're busy adhering an accent wall with wallpaper, painting the rest of the room, deciding on wall art and prints and of course, deciding on details! Trust me, you all will get the full 'before and after' specifics after all is said and done, but for now, I have to share with you the bargains I recently stumbled upon!

I've had my eye for a while on this beautiful starburst that I had hoped to showcase on my vanity dresser or side-table. I had seen it in magazines, on blogs and on my favorite Instagram posts for the past season but when I finally dug around and found it on Waiting on Martha for the hefty price of $155, I began to sulk.
Starburst Statue $155
The price point wasn't worth it for me. Sure, it's adorable in every way but an accessory piece like this shouldn't break the bank. But then I stumbled up on this little guy on CLEARANCE from Target. TARGET!!!
Starburst Figural $11.98
I had completely overlooked the mega store as a 'go-to' for home decor! So of course when I was all sour over the fact that this gorgeous antler sculpture from Clayton Gray Home came with a whopping price tag of $465, I turned to Target.

Gareth Sculpture $465
Low and behold, another amazing deal! Another purchase on clearance!

Stag Head Tabletop Figural $17.48
I tend to get into a routine when it comes to my online shopping. I hit a comfort point with the same websites and have gotten hung up in the same stores without realizing the options outside of that realm. I always knew Target had great options for jewelry and clothing but I'm even more pleasantly surprised that I can now add them as a go-to home decor source!

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