Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall 2013 NYFW

As you all have probably noticed, I've taken some serious time off from this spot. And up until just recently, I wasn't exactly sure why I needed the break. I have my health, my family and great friends...and I've been busy with the usual distractions of work, home updates and summer travel. But something has been off...

I read an interview this week with interior designer Jessica Comingore that highlight's her career journey that I truly identified with. She poured through blogs, fashion and interior magazines on her off-hours and created a creative space such as this little place that I have, in order to live out her passions. Those passions eventually became her day job.

Her pathway struck me. I'm trying so hard to color within the lines, stay true to the course my parents, family and I had so perfectly fine-tuned from high school, through college and into the management position I currently hold today. But it may not hold for long, because my passions seem to be swaying the steady course I've been on for some time now. I have a feeling that with the change in season, may come a change in direction for me.

With a few months off and one incredibly odd summer behind me, my mood has started to lift and I'm starting to feel the creative bug again. Not to mention that over the past two weeks, both my Instagram feed and my Pinterest feed have been buzzing with the excitement that is Fashion Week! When I smell autumn in the air, I get those bubbly butterflies in my stomach like I used to get back on my first day of school. Those bubbly butterflies were the anticipation of something great, something new. Now that I'm an adult, the excitement of Fashion Week in September brings back those bubbly butterflies for me. Trends are changing along with the season, fall is upon us and on the horizon is opportunity and the chance for something new. This feeling reminds me of F. Scott Fitzgerald's quote in The Great Gatsby "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall".

As I posted back in June, I'm still fine-tuning my particular 'style' but after browsing through my favorite bloggers' instagram feeds and reading countless articles covering the NYFW shows, I have to say I'm entirely smitten, as always, with Victoria Beckham's and Carolina Herrera's new lines. I suppose that confirms my obsession with structured shift dresses and classic, clean lines in my wardrobe. But Elie Saab, with his elegant, insanely feminine gowns dripping in detail, will forever hold the crown as my most coveted designer. I suppose the girly-girl in me is showing face more and more as I get older.

Come award season, let me be on record for anticipating these below designs showing up on the red carpet!

Couldn't you see Sandra Bullock or Demi Moore in this stunner?

This gown would look striking on Scarlett Jo!

This has Julianne Moore written all over it!

And if I could wear anything Elie Saab - it would be this gown from his latest line:

Fashion Week to me is so interesting. It's certainly on the bucket list, I would love to spend a weekend attending a few shows one day, reporting on what I saw first hand, rather than what I'm seeing in other bloggers' feeds and online! But until then, I leave you with the history of Fashion Week and how it all came to fruition back in 1943!

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  1. NYFW is an animal in and of itself. Its such a treat and I feel lucky I have experienced it multiple years while living here. The people watching is unmatched and the excitement is shared by everyone squeezed into those little white chairs. I hope you get to experience it for yourself one day - you deserve it!