Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gray Malin Photography on One Kings Lane!

I've always liked the idea of art. Finding that piece or style of creative that makes you just stop. But I never thought it was something I could truly consider investing in at my age or at my tax bracket. And let's be totally honest here, art is intimidating, completely subjective and truly scary. I didn't spend much effort indulging in it or getting really serious about purchasing art until I grazed upon this post last fall.

I had never heard of Prada Marfa. But the images! I. couldn't. stop. staring. The concept was so unique and the mission behind the photographs was so inspiring. The photographer, Gray Malin, is a fellow Bostonian and a young entrepreneur with a serious eye for pristine landscape and color. I filed his images away in memory to retrieve one day, when I had a blank wall to adorn.

And then came our bedroom remodel. I had a vision and I wanted Gray Malin on my wall! I immediately went back to his Prada Marfa collection and bought the photograph that had lingered the most in my memory. It's humorous and contradicting and completely perfect for our space. For $200, I felt it was worth the investment and a piece I could hopefully build off of in the future years to come.

Cowboy & Mule photograph by Gray Malin framed in our bedroom
Now that Gray is hanging in my bedroom, I'm pretty smitten over all his work. His collections are bold, unique and so beautiful. Today on One Kings Lane, his latest work, Antarctica: The Private Collection is debuting and available for purchase.

I hope to add to my Gray Malin piece one day. Maybe because it's the dead of winter and it won't stop snowing down here in DC, but I'm really feeling this photograph right about now! Take me there!

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